Hi! I am Patrick McCrann, and I help people create systems and habits to achieve their goals. When I’m not building community things, you can find me moonlighting as a compulsive endurance athlete.

Hey, life is too short to stand still. 🤣

I currently run Endurance Nation, a global community of endurance athletes. My community journey began in the Peace Corps (Uzbekistan), which lead to my work with the International Rescue Committee (Azerbaijan) as Community Development. Public service is part of my DNA - in addition to several boards, I currently serve on my local School Committee.

I am obsessed with creating communities online and in the real world around shared values. I believe the best communities are greater than the sum of their parts.

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I also work on consulting projects for creators and small companies in the online community space. Maybe your workflow needs a rethink. Or you need to get unstuck. Perhaps your community needs a reboot.

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Next Steps?

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Who knows, I might even be able to give you some unique insights. 🤜💥🤛

Looking forward to it,

~ Patrick